Karakasa Games February Update

Thanks to our friend Brett Chalupa, who is testing out his lovely new custom content management system on us, we decided to spiff up this website, and post a public update about how our iPad adventure game in the works, Thunderbeam, is doing.

We completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for the project a while back, which necessitated our going public with the project in order to attract backers. As anybody who has ever started from scratch on a game or a movie can tell you, it's not always the best scenario to have to announce your intentions with a project before it has even started, but we got a great response, and we've made great progress on the game so far. A couple of our recent milestones- First, an audio engine (programmed by Paul) that allows for responsive triggering of loops and live effects, that should really make the game's soundtrack, courtesy of The Octopus Project live and breathe. Also the basics of item handling, and the epistemology of where items are placed is working, which makes way to all sorts of cool objects, devices, powerups, and other stuff. We've also started work on a mini-game mechanic which may be the lynchpin that holds the whole game together, but it's too early to show anything. In the meantime, check out a little behind the scenes footage of me testing out audio debug mode. (Ignore the strange floating being in Tim's bedroom!)


If any of you are heading to GDC next month, look for me or Scott, (I might be wearing this shirt) and I'll show you the most current Karakasa game builds and goodies. This will be our first visit to the conference! James may even have his other, smaller game Frankenfoods done by then!

Also, if any of you are visiting South By Southwest here in Austin next month, first off- hi! Secondly, if you have a film badge, James and I are in a movie that is playing at SXSW Film called Computer Chess. It's crazy and great and we're really excited about it. Check it out if you can!

Wiley Wiggins, February 24, 2013