Ridiculous Fishing

Ridiculous Fishing is one of the most visually original and mechanically polished games on the app store. This dedicated retooling of a free flash game by Vlambeer managed to survive being cloned early in its development and emerged triumphant last night to impressive early sales. Even if you don't get the game, stop and check out the brilliant use of animation on their trailer page. With game design by Vlambeer, programming by Zach Gage, art by Greg Wohlwend, and music by Eirik Suhrke, Ridiculous Fishing is about the closest thing you get to an indie game dream team on the app store. It's surprisingly deep and a lot of fun once you start zapping fish into outer space with lasers and talking to birds on a satirical social network accessed via a smartphone that looks suspiciously like a wooden plank.

Wiley Wiggins, March 14, 2013