Thunderbeam May upade videoooo

Hey gang, I posted a sleepy/sneezy/grouchy/dopey Thunderbeam video over on Kickstarter that shows me poking around in the game and showing the basic engine working. Lot's more stuff to come though, we're working on getting randomized characters working, as well as character properties/stats and a lot of the bulk of the actual gameplay. It's been a long haul but we're creeping closer every day. Oh! Also, I made a teaser webpage for the game here- More stuff will materialize there as we get further along. P.S. James is going to take some time next month to finish our little mini game Frankenfoods, which we planned on using to test out app store submission etc before the main event. More news about that when it's ready!

Wiley Wiggins, May 06, 2014