While we are waiting for the coming XBox version of Derek Yu's Spelunky (with all new art and goodies), there's now finally a Mac port of Spelunky 1.0- the original version. For those of you not in the know, Spelunky is a sort of procedurally generated Montezuma's Revenge- every level is randomly cooked-up so all sorts of unexpected things can happen.

I really love this game. It takes me back to a weird epiphany I had as a kid playing River City Ransom, when my friend grabbed a stick and I grabbed a rock, and when I threw it at him, he managed to knock it out of the air. It was the first time that a game had let me do something that felt like maybe the programmers hadn't anticipated it, but that the world they had made was robust enough that something cool happened anyway. Spelunky is full of stuff like that- Instead of saving the damsel in distress you can be a jerk and throw her in front of a poison dart trap, triggering it but saving yourself, then you can pick up the spent dart and toss it at an attacking spider. There are so many beautiful surprises in this game, and I am incredibly excited about the new version

Wiley Wiggins, July 14, 2011